Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dark Chocolate Lace Cape free pattern

Dark Chocolate Lace Cape has recently been set as a free download on Ravelry. A very fast crochet and appropriate for almost any age, there are rows designed into it for lengthening. One of the stitches is confusing though not difficult at all and there are some photos here to help guide the way. please keep in mind that the pictures were posted last to first.

Dark Chocolate Lace Cape

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DM said...

Yesterday at the Dairy Queen, there was a grade school girl sitting in a booth. (It appeared one of her parents was working there.)
She seemed content. She had an open lap top on her table, and sitting next to it, a cell phone, and a berry smoothie.
Pinched in her hand was a crochet hook. Enthusiastically, she added haphazard stitches to several rows of chunky blue beginnings...
Tam, I remember you began knitting at the age of four. You took off on your own after a visit with your grandmother. From there you knitted a huge green glove with a thumb and four fingers that were all open ended. Merry Christmas. :) Mom