Saturday, May 24, 2014

Beautiful Bouquet

New oil painting by Tamara Halligan. This is an impressionistic style work with fairly thick paint. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Proenza Schouler

We'll my photos are a little lacking but I am just now learning how to post on the run. This Proenza Schouler outfit screamed out at me from my W magazine "make me, make me ", the intent was to make it to wear to the Wearable Art Show but I was just lucky enough to finish my wearable art!
I am finishing this outfit regardless and hope to wear my handmade version of the W outfit soon. I changed the pants to a skirt because I didn't mention that the fabrics for my latest designer projects have to be found. These found fabrics are velvet and a poly blend.
 Fun fun

Dumb Dress

After a behind the scenes quick change I overhear a friend say to another "Is that your dumb dress?" A big smile and the reply "Why yes it is!" The exchange brought a vague memory to the surface, the memory of a line of hand crafted dresses and skirts that has recently shown up in town with a rather interesting name. Dumb Clothing. They have a website. Check it out. I am dazzled by the faux fur coats in pink!