Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teenie Tawn's watercolor class Day 3

Teenie Tawn is my sis and she has most of her experience in oil painting, so I am making it my job to give her some tips on watercolor painting which can be a tough transition.

Things to think of...

1. Remember the capillary action of water and use it to your artistic advantage.

2. White is the paper, not a paint, so to make whites, just don't paint in that spot.

3. Water is a medium and when added to paint, it makes a thinner version of the existing paint color. For example, in oil if you add white to red you get pink, but in watercolor if you add water to red you get a paler red. You will just have to try this one out!

Here goes...

Just showing a few of my brushes.

This is generally the set-up, but you should have an extra glass of clean water that stays clean. I love this palette.

 Well, I am having serious trouble arranging my paintings and running out of time, so read throught this whole thing and then put the thoughts in order. Below I show that if you get to the bottom of a painting and have extra water to keep bloom from happening, just dab it away with a paper towel. Paper towels can also be used as erasers.

I mentioned above that water is a medium and here you can see the difference between adding white and adding water. The whole page was covered with water and I just dabbed in some blue. Also note the capillary action.
Above show the point in a wash if you panic and stop and here is where a dry line will form.

 When you are doing a wash, it is wise to make a big pool of the color you want as time is a little bit of an issue.
 Start by experimenting with your brushes. All of these strokes have been made with the same brush I like to think of a brush as more of a fountain pen and you let out as much water as you need. I added some blue at the end of the two strokes before they dried.
When doing a wash of any type, it is important to leave a bead of water so that there is no drying before you can decide what to do. This is a tad exaggerated, but if you let it dry you will get a line instead of a nice solid color.

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Tawnia said...

WOW!!!!! I just saw this tonight, and tomorrow, I am going to experiment. Thank you so much! I can't wait to try....

You are the best!