Thursday, December 29, 2011

Knitting in the Nordic Tradition

I walk while I knit! People are amazed and think I am very talented, but perhaps it is just genetic.
Knitting in the Nordic Tradition was in my stocking this year. I am drawn to the Faroe Islands Knitting as well as the Shetland Island traditions for two reasons, my mother is of Norwegian decent and my father of Irish. That really only counts as one reason, the other is that these islanders lived in a place that had limited natural resources and they sold their exquisite handmade treasures as a part of their livelihood. I live in a tourist town that is much like an island, it is a small peninsula on a larger peninsula, which is remote in that there is one road in and one road out. You can also access it by boat. I am hoping to create my own independent economy!
Now for a little trick, winding yarn. If you like to knit or crochet by pulling the yarn from the center of the skein, first loop the loose end of your yarn around your thumb and pinkie about 8 times. Fold this in half keeping the end hanging down and away from the loop. Wrap this ring of yarn around your thumb and continue to wrap the rest of the yarn around and around keeping track of the original tail. When you come to the end, wind the yarn around the center of your skein about 6 times and tuck in the end. Be sure not to wind too tightly as it supposedly stretches the yarn and reshapes it.

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