Friday, April 23, 2010

Knitting designer week - Mari Lynn Patrick

Chason En Crochet
Salon Capelet
It seems fitting that I continue on with the knitting and crocheting designer theme after starting off with Wenlan Chia.
Many patterns, in particular crochet designs, are plain unattractive and dated. Mari Lynn Patrick on the other hand has some lovely capelets that follow in the tradition of a doily, but I can tell from the look of them that they would work up into fabulous frocks.
I have made Mari Lynn Patrick's Flowered Belt Camisole and am currently working on my own Mason en Crochet (first picture). Her patterns are very intricate and very perfect. At one point there was a pile of pieces for the Camisole and I was wondering how they would manage to become a top and like a puzzle they all went together to make a beautiful image. I highly recommend her designs.


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