Friday, October 30, 2009

Indie Banditas Bazaar and Bellas Mittens

Phenomenon Original I have been noticing during my online knitting parusal a bunch of big fat mittens called Bella's mittens. After a quick look on Ravelry I found a free pattern for them and they are from a movie. Of course I have to try to make a pair. On further research the original designer notes the palm pattern. Someone made a pair with the seed stitch, but that's not it, then another person designed a pair with the proper stitching on the palm, still haven't figured out what exactly that is called. I am making a simple pair by Subliminal Rabbit and then maybe I will try my own version with the cross pattern on the palm, but not the thumb. If they turn out I'll bring them to the Indie Banditas Bazaar to sell. Picture of my B M 's coming soon.

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